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Originated in Italy. Perfected in America.

Almost 30 years ago, Johnny Chiavola perfected his family zeppole recipe and took it to carnivals and fairs across NJ.

Today, that same hard work and dedication are the foundation of Johnny Zeppoli. We go all out to deliver a special event by simplifying the catering and providing great service.

For years, we have served amazing communities, companies, families, and friends.

We served first responders and honored heroes at community and town events. We celebrated grand openings and employee appreciation with businesses. We catered first birthdays and years later their graduations and weddings.

To each of you, we thank you for your years of support and loyalty.  We became a part of your community and your lives, and that means the world to us.

Remember..."Life is short - squeeze all you can out of it!"  Again, thank you for your business and friendship.

~Johnny and Johnny Zeppoli Team


  • Family Owned & Operated

  • Fully Licensed & Insured  

  • Event and Food Professionals

  • Food and Safety Certified

  • Food Handlers Certified 

  • Servsafe Certified 

  • Serves up to 4000+ Guests Per Event



  • Various Sizes with Proper Equipment and Storage

  • Self-contained with Top Quality Materials

  • Cleaned, Stocked and Operated Daily 

  • Inspected Frequently and Approved by Local Board of Health

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